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Mögliche Ursachen und Lösungen für einen Bluescreen ... schreibt:
Note: if you remove "FOLDERS", the system will not load the desktop, and at boot will "hang" with a blank blue screen and a moveable mouse pointer. If you get this, put "FOLDERS" back in the AUTOSTART line. schreibt:
Hold F2 down on bootup if you have problems with 'the dread blue screen' (I had it often before regular use of checkini and learning to turn off WC before shutdown.) schreibt:
APAR= JR09461
My OS/2 system hangs with a blank blue screen more than 1/2 the time on bootup. I have the black & white clock in the middle and that's all. Nothing responds. The OFF button for the motherboard at the front of the computer will not work, when this happens? I have to turn OFF at the powerstrip. I've tried changing the run statement in the CONFIG.SYS file (delete the WarpCenter startup, etc.). That does not work. My workaround is to boot up from floppies and copy my most recent backup of the OS2 INI files to C:\OS2 directory. That works almost all the time. I use Gamma Tech Sentry to make those backups. To me the problem seems to be some sort of corruption of the OS2.INI file during sessions as a result of the OS updating these files. I am using Warp 4 with fixpack 14. schreibt:
Hang during WPS startup - blue screen, clock pointer

Warp 4 boots cleanly to the point where PM starts up and a blue background is displayed. The system then waits indefinitely. The "clock" pointer remains visible, and responds to mouse movement. If MMPM/2 is installed, the System Startup sound may or may not be heard. This particular problem has been referred to as the Blue Screen of Death.

Note: a similar symptom will occur if you accidentally remove the FOLDERS keyword from the AUTOSTART setting in CONFIG.SYS.

While this problem does not occur on most Warp 4 systems, it is extremely noticeable when it does appear. Because of this, and because it is extremely frustrating to deal with, it is perhaps the most frequently reported problem with Warp 4. Based on the reports I've seen it looks like a case of improper serialization of some resource. An example would be (say) the WPS and WarpCenter (which runs as part of the WPS) each executing code between DosError() Disable/Enable calls with no interlock. Both would assume that their last setting would be the one in effect, and both might be correct.. most of the time.

Whatever the true cause, this problem appears to be highly timing-dependent. This means that apparently minor changes to seemingly unrelated areas of the system can trigger this problem... or cause it to vanish. Users have reported fixing or reducing occurrences of this problem through a variety of means, all of which alter the timing of portions of system startup rather than (IMHO) actually addressing the root cause.

Possible workarounds: If you should encounter this problem, try one or more of the following until a definitive fix (or workaround) is available:

More serious efforts might include:

Note that none of the above are guaranteed to make the problem disappear permanently.

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